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Model vs. Model Tip Wars


Please remember that CharlesBot is only able to track public tips.

This feature allows you to perform a tip war against another model. It will count all the tips in each room; whoever gets tipped the most wins!

Start a Tip War

!startroomwar [model name] [duration in minutes]

This command will initiate a tip war betweem you and another model. It will first send a request to the other model. Once they approve the request, it will initiate the tip war immediately.

If a duration is specified, it will automatically end the tip war after the specified time along with periodically post the time remaining. If no duration is specified, the tip war will run until one of the models uses the !endroomwar command.

All tip wars will end with a 30 second countdown timer in each room to allow members to send any final tips.


!startroomwar ModelName 60

This command will start a tip war with ModelName lasting 60 minutes.

Post Tip War Status


This command will post which model is currently in the lead, along with the time remaining (if specified).

End a Tip War


This command will end a currently running model vs model tip war. When used, it will initiate a final 30 second timer to allow both chatrooms to do their final tips before it ends. Once the timer is up, it will calculate the final scores and announce the winner in both chatrooms.