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Room Helpers

This feature allows you to give other members of your chatroom access to control CharlesBot. They will be able to add/remove commands/advertisements. Start/end almost all the games/features in CharlesBot. It's purpose is to allow other users to help manage CharlesBot so you are able to focus on entertaining your chatroom.


Make sure you trust the users that you add as a helper. They will be able to modify almost all of your CharlesBot settings.

Add A New Helper

!addhelper [username]

This command will add the user you specify as a CharlesBot room helper.


The user will also be able to control CharlesBot via the #[modelname] syntax inside private messages with CharlesBot.

Remove A Helper

!delhelper [username]

This will remove a user's access to control CharlesBot.

List Current Helpers


This will have CharlesBot output a list of the users that are able to control CharlesBot on your behalf.