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This feature allows you to run a raffle inside of your chatroom. You are able to specify a price and prize message. Whenever a member tips the price you specify, CharlesBot will assign that user a raffle ticket.

CharlesBot also allows members to tip for tickets in multiples of ten. For instance, if you set your ticket price as 15 tokens, members can tip 1500 tokens to instantly purchase 100 tickets.

Start a New Raffle

!startraffle [price to enter] [prize message]

After using this command, CharlesBot will start listening for tips of the price you specified and assigning raffle tickets accordingly.


!startraffle 15 Some cool prize!

This will start a raffle costing 15 tokens to enter for "Some cool prize!"


Using this command will post an advertisement in your room listing out how to enter the raffle and the set prize message.

If the model uses this command, it will additionally PM the model the total number of purchased raffle tickets and the top ten ticket holders. If a member uses this command, it will post the number of raffle tickets that member has purchased.

Choose a Winner

!raffle winner

This command will go through the list of currently purchased raffle tickets and choose one winner at random. It will post the winner’s user name and any public tip note that was included for that ticket. Using this command repeatedly will allow you to select an unlimited number of winners.


This command does not end the raffle. Please refer to the !endraffle command below to learn how to complete the raffle.

End Your Raffle


Ends the currently running raffle and posts the number of winners that the model ended up selecting.