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Tip Polls

This feature is used to let your chat vote between options you provide. It will count a vote whenever somebody tips for one of the tip options you make.

Start a New Poll

!startpoll [option 1 name] [option 1 price] [option 2 name] [option 2 price]

The !startpoll command is used to initiate your poll. List each poll option, followed by the price to vote for that option. You can have quite a bit of poll options! Play around!


!startpoll Pizza Hut 4 Dominos 5 Papa Johns 6

This will start a poll with three options to vote for the best pizza place out there! Whenever a member tips 4 tokens, it will add one vote for Pizza Hut. A tip of 5 tokens will vote for Dominos, and 6 tokens for Papa Johns.

Get Current Poll Status


Posts the current options and how many votes each has, along with instructions on how to vote for each option! Used to advertise the current poll.

End The Current Poll


Ends the currently running poll and posts the final votes.