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MFCShare Vouchers

This feature allows CharlesBot to automatically create single-use voucher URLs for MFCShare albums when members tip a price you set. Often useful when you'd like to run a live sale on a specific album without having to change the price on MFCShare.


The !addvoucher command is currently limited to models only.

Add Album

!addvoucher [price] [link to album]

Creates a new tip option within CharlesBot to automatically generate single-use vouchers. CharlesBot will automatically send the generated voucher to the model so they can easily copy/paste to the tipper.


!addvoucher 100

This will tell CharlesBot to generate a single-use voucher for your album whenever somebody tips 100 tokens.

Remove Album

!delvoucher [price]

This will make CharlesBot no longer generate vouchers for the price you specify.