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Token Keno

Token keno is a fun chat/tip game where the users in your chatroom test their luck by guessing hidden random numbers. If they guess a number correctly, you can choose to give them a reward/prize. This game is very good at generating tips because members guess a number by tipping it's value. (If they want to guess the number 28, they would tip 28 tokens)

Starting a Keno Game

!startgame [minimum number] [maximum number] [number of winners] [prize message]

This command is used to start a new token keno game. If there is already an active game, it will give an error.


!startgame 25 125 5 Win A Video!

This will start a game with 25-125 as tip options with five of those being randomly selected as winning numbers. Using the !remaining command will post “Win A Video!” along with the remaining tip options.

Posting the Remaining Tip Options


This will make CharlesBot post the remaining untipped numbers in your game of token keno.

Ending a Keno Game


This will end any active token keno game. If there is no active game, it will give an error with instructions on how to start a new game.