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Custom Commands

These tools allow you to create and store commands to easily share information with your chatroom. They are also used to power the automatic advertisements feature.

Storing a New Command

!addcom [command] [response]

This command allows you to create your own custom commands in CharlesBot.


!addcom !videos BUY MY VIDEOS!

This will create a new !videos command that you can use in your chatroom at any time. From this point, typing !videos will tell CharlesBot to post BUY MY VIDEOS!

Deleting Commands

!delcom [command]

This will remove a specified custom command you created previously. This will also remove it from any automatic advertisements that utilize this command.


!delcom !videos

This will delete the !videos command that you created from the storing a new command example.

List Your Stored Commands


This will list out all custom commands that you have created.