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Token Countdowns


Please remember that CharlesBot is only able to track public tips.

This feature allows you to embed token countdowns inside any of your custom commands.

Start a Countdown

!startcount @[countdown name] [price]

This will create a token countdown! It will replace any instance of the countdown name in your custom commands with the current number of tokens remaining.

If at any point, you'd like to manually adjust a countdown, simply reuse this command, and the amount remaining will be updated in your commands.


!startcount @dailygoal 500

This will start a 500 token countdown with the name @dailygoal. You are able to use that countdown name inside any of your !addcom commands and CharlesBot will output the amount of tokens remaining.

!addcom !goal There are @dailygoal tokens remaining in our daily goal!

This will result in CharlesBot posting "There are 500 tokens remaining in our daily goal!" whenever somebody uses the !goal command.

End a Countdown

!endcount @[countdown name]

This command will delete a currently running countdown.