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Automatic Advertisements

This feature allows you to have CharlesBot automatically post some of your custom commands at a specified interval. This is useful for reminding your chatroom about special deals or events that may be happening in your room.

Automatically Post A Command

!addad [command]

This adds one of your custom commands to list of things to be automatically posted at the interval you set.


!addad !videos

This will tell CharlesBot to start automatically posting the !videos command (that you created from the storing a new command example) at whatever interval you set.

Stop Automatically Posting A Command

!delad [command]

This removes one of your custom commands from the advertisement list.


!delad !videos

This will remove the !videos command from the list of advertisements.

List Commands On The Advertisement List


This will output the list of the commands currently on the ad list.

Setting an Interval

!setinterval [seconds]

This command controls how often CharlesBot will post a command from the ad list. Set to 0 seconds to stop posting advertisements completely.


!setinterval 180

This will have CharlesBot post a command from your ad list every 180 seconds (3 minutes).